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Teacher Efficacy

The development of pre-service and in-service teacher efficacy: A model of professional support for sustained mathematics reform implementation: A mixed methods study (Bruce: SSHRC)

[Activity: A three-year qualitative project focused on exploring how teacher efficacy changes over time through the trajectory of learning to teach. The project attempts to support teachers from pre-service to in-service with effective math teaching strategies.]

Differentiated Instruction in Intermediate Mathematics

Building Teacher Capacity and Improving Student Achievement in Grades 7-9 Mathematics (Bruce, Flynn, Ross, Scoffin: Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic DSB, Ontario Ministry of Education)

[Activity: A two-year mixed methods project measuring the effects of professional development on differentiated instruction and math communication on teacher efficacy, math knowledge for teaching and related student achievement and efficacy.]

Use of Interactive Whiteboards in Mathematics Classrooms

Building Capacity in Technology Use Through Research in Lesson Study (Bruce, Ladky, Ross, Mackenzie, Flynn, Ontario Ministry of Education)

[Activity: A study on how teachers and students are using interactive whiteboards in their mathematics teaching and learning in Ontario schools. Results led to the development of a framework to identify types of interactive whiteboard use.]

Collaborative Action Research in Mathematics

Collaborative action research: Teachers learning together (Bruce, Ross, Flynn, Mackenzie, Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario)

[Activity: A mixed methods study that is examining how teachers engage in collaborative action research with university researchers and content experts. The two-year study provides teachers across Ontario with release time to engage in collaborative goal setting, planning, data collection and analysis activities.]

Use of Learning Objects to Support Fractions Understanding

The Use of CLIPS and Content Specific Professional Development: Impacts on student achievement (Ross, Bruce, PVNCDSB, KPRDSB: Ministry of Education)

[Activity: This is an ongoing study which is examining the development, use and effects of online interactive learning objects to support student learning about basic fractions concepts. The results are very positive when students use the entire sequence of tasks in the CLIPS set. Research designs for this study are equally drawing interest as we find ways to develop, field test, and revise high quality online learning materials for students.]

Increasing Teacher and Student Understanding of Patterning and Algebra

Algebra teacher professional development project: Impacts on teacher efficacy and student achievement. (Beatty & Bruce, Niagara District School Board, Canadian Council for Learning grant)

[Activity: Building on the research of Beatty, this one-year study involved implementing a relatively complex PD model that engaged teachers in research with the researchers. The focus of the PD was Patterning and Algebra and, in particular, a lesson sequence developed by Beatty to enhance student conceptual and procedural knowledge of growing patterns (linear functions). Teacher learning continues through ongoing self-directed teacher interest teams. CLIPS based on this lesson sequence are now being generated.]

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