Our Research

Teacher Efficacy
The development of pre-service and in-service teacher efficacy: A model of professional support for sustained mathematics reform implementation: A mixed methods study (Bruce: SSHRC)
Differentiated Instruction in
Intermediate Mathematics

Building Teacher Capacity and Improving Student Achievement in Grades 7-9 Mathematics (Bruce, Flynn, Ross, Scoffin: Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic DSB, Ontario Ministry of Education)
Use of Interactive Whiteboards
in Mathematics Classrooms

Building Capacity in Technology Use Through Research in Lesson Study (Bruce, Ladky, Ross, Mackenzie, Flynn, Ontario Ministry of Education)
Collaborative Action Research in Mathematics
Collaborative action research: Teachers learning together (Bruce, Ross, Flynn, Mackenzie, Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario)
Use of Learning Objects to
Support Fractions Understanding

The Use of CLIPS and Content Specific Professional Development: Impacts on student achievement (Ross, Bruce, PVNCDSB, KPRDSB: Ministry of Education)
Increasing Teacher and Student Understanding of Patterning and Algebra
Algebra teacher professional development project: Impacts on teacher efficacy and student achievement. (Beatty & Bruce, Niagara District School Board, Canadian Council for Learning grant)